Starting from a family firm who only engaged in outdoor and indoor advertising in 1975, Warna Warni Group continues to grow providing the best service that is trusted by large companies to provide solutions on advertising to boost sales, awareness and image of national big companies in Indonesia.

Warna Warni Group continues to grow and become a pioneer of using the latest technology by using products such as advanced advertising trivision (3D), rolling giant banner (5D vision), LED (megatron).

Warna Warni Group, who sees the potential of online media is also growing, then launches an online media product with name Nearby which available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. Nearby useful for online media that can be accessed on smartphones and tablets are intended as a city directory and helps advertising and selling.

Seeing great potential in the property business in 2005 Warna Warni group first debuted with building a project called Metropolis. The project is a joint project of several well-known businessmen in Surabaya. Continuing the success of the Metropolis project, in 2006 started the Cosmopolis project with some other fellow entrepreneurs. The success of the two projects in a row, making Warna Warni Group more confident to try out a business property in the city of Surabaya, in cooperation with fellow leading businessmen in Surabaya in 2007 Warna Warni Group build a High End Apartment in the heart of Surabaya called Trillium.

After a few years the property business plumbed in cooperation with business associates, Warna Warni Group confident and wanted to establish itself and more serious in the property business. Therefore, in the year 2012 Warna Warni Group makes holding property named Gunawangsa . Gunawangsa is engaged in property development, sale and leasing of mixed use apartment and commercial building, office, warehouse.

Warna Warni Group also expanded its business by trying a business hotel and a gym as an integrated facility with apartment namely Gunawangsa Hotel and Mygym fitness center.

Seeing the increasing telecommunications needs in 2006, Warna Warni Group foray into the telecommunications business by establishing a company named Central Investindo. With the entry of foreign investors into the telecommunications business in Indonesia, then in 2007 to 2011 Central Investindo has become a corporate tower and maintenance provider is reliable in Indonesia, particularly in Surabaya

In addition to entering into a business tower provider, in 2010 Warna Warni Group also made a Pendopo Cendana Abadi company engaged in the procurement and distribution of telecommunications needs, ranging from the provision of call center, distribution and sale of vouchers to retail market, as well as help provide telecom solutions to corporate.