PT. Warna Warni Media

Warna Warni Advertising has been established since 1975. As the economy grows in line in Indonesia at that time, as did we grow with our partners and clients to achieve mutual success. Until now, Warna Warni has presented the works of high quality, innovative and high artistic taste spread in various strategic areas in Indonesia. In 1998 Warna Warni Advertising has reached the region of North Sumatra, South Sulawesi, West Java, East Java, and Bali. Timeliness, effectiveness, and efficiency is our priority and our main focus with partners and clients in accordance with the determination to achieve success together.


PT. Warna Media Tech

This company is engaged in the Large Format Digital Printing. With the development of technology in this field is very rapid in this case we are committed to keep working to implement the best and latest technology to produce quality products which, as we have produced and installed in various cities in Indonesia. In an effort to obtain maximum results as expected from every customer who trusts his visual output to us, we also provide our best service in terms of speed with the best results, in addition to our support for the distribution of our products to various cities in Indonesia.



Media Map provides the most complete mapping information billboards in Indonesia


PT. Media Inovasi Indonesia

What is Nearby?

Nearby makes the real world easier to be explored. We design tools that you can use to connect with friends and to discover interesting things around you. With nearby you easily can find places of interest and discover the things both goods and services offered by friends of yours around you, so that you can get a hold money, saving money, and even win prizes. Whether you are setting off on a trip around the world, organizing a night out or rendezvous with friends, or trying to pick out the best dish at restaurants close by or even selling or buying your desired stuff, nearby shall be your only perfect solution. On 2012, Nearby launched an online media for advertising and city directory application which is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.

Nearby in numbers (updated on January 2012)

  • Community : Around 100.000 people worldwide.
  • Over 10.000 check-ins, daily check- in.
  • Business : Over 6.000 businesses using the Merchant Platform (further information at
  • Employees : Over 100 people based both in Singapore headquarter and our office in Singapore.

When do nearby founded?

Nearby was founded by a venture business in Singapore in December 2011. Formerly CEO of Global Media Investment, a venture company headquartered in Singapore, realized that unconsciously individual on a daily basis life desperately requires information regarding things around him comprising the information about the activities of his friends, places of interest that can be visited, as well as the need to seek, buy, and sell back items of goods in accordance with the necessities and conditions of each individual complying the unique personal needs. All things considered, in December 2011 the first version of nearby was founded and firstly launched after the Chinese New Year January 2012. 
Learn more by following A brief history of nearby list.

Who are the investor?

We are funded by Global Media Investment Pty Ltd and some well-to-do investors.

How do nearby suit to our life?

Nearby can assist you in :

  • Interacting/interrelating with friends around you.
  • Seeking for information about fascinating/interesting places around you.
  • Selling and buying the required stuff.
  • Providing convenient routing service for street direction equipped with digital photos and maps.

I have a cool idea for a social service. Is there a way to build this onto nearby?

Yes! Just like Twitter, nearby will be equipped with API that allows developers to build their ideas on the nearby platform. Developers have already used the API to build new check-in functionality, cool games, and interesting data visualizations. Wait for the release/launch date API’s nearby.

So is it ‘check-in’ or ‘check in’?

It’s both! When you use it as a verb, it’s ‘check in.’ (for example.”Are you going to check in here?” They have a free massage Special.”) ‘Check-in’ is the noun form, (for example : “That was my most amazing check-in ever, I can’t believe I got a free massage!”) And never use checkin. Everytime you do, we cry on the inside.


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