Metropolis Apartment

Metropolis Apartment is the first student apartment in Surabaya. With 936 units, both residential and commerial in 3 high rise towers, it covers approximately 29,510 m2 area developed by PT. Aktifitas Putra Mandiri in 2006.

Positioned between two well know universities, University of Surabaya and Petra Christian Unviersity, its ideal location is supported by easy access to city center, industrial area, international airport, and some of the most prestigious entertainment and shopping centers in Surabaya. Everything will be just within a reach from your doorway with great facilities that complement your lifestyle. Swimming pool, mini market, food court, cafe, laundry, gym, business center, and study rooms are just a few of our facilities and services.

Welcome to the peak of life at Metropolis Apartment!


Cosmopolis Resort

Cosmopolis Resort is a resort apartment developed by PT. Kreatifitas Putra Mandiri. Located in the heart of East Surabaya, this low storey building consists of 6 floors only and promises exclusive hideout from everyday's life.

Surrounded by high class residential area, such as Galaxy Bumi Permai and Puri Galaxy, Cosmopolis Resort is very close to Galaxy Mall, Manyar Kertoarjo food center and Pakuwon City Food Festival. Access to Surabaya central business is also easily available.

Combining the concept of low rise apartment with resort ambience, Cosmopolis Resort offer a modern lifestyle in the middle of busy city. Attentive and refined service, complemented by single corridor units, cozy swimming pools, gym and spacious parking space, we make sure that everyday will be your perfect holiday.


Trillium Office and Residence

In a city where everything has to be fast-paced, strategic location is taken into account. A strategic location will save you time, allowing you to manage your daily activities become more efficient, and Trillium offers you that.

Trillium Office & Residence is strategically located in one of the most premium and thrive in Surabaya. Excellent investment in a clean and organized environment, which has easy access to shopping malls, amusement parks, places of worship, restaurants, schools, hospitals and many other needs.

Interesting places around the Trillium:

Business and Shopping Center: Grand City, World Trade Center, Plaza Surabaya, Flower Center Kayoon

Common Place: Siloam Hospitals, Parks Achievement, Railway Station Gubeng

Schools and Universities: Petra, High School Complex, UNAIR

Bank: Mandiri, BTN, BII

and much more


Gunawangsa Manyar

GUNA WANGSA APARTMENT is a conceptual high-rise residential apartment reflecting young professionals’ state of the art necessities and life styles. A simple, dynamic, stylish and innovative life is converted into GUNA WANGSA APARTMENT’s characteristic asserting your status of uniqueness and confidence.

Located in downtown of East Surabaya, GUNA WANGSA APARTMENT has its exclusivity – quite far from any crowds but in close proximity to the best facilities around you! Standing with two towers, each consisting of 25 floors, you will be greeted warmly by a community of modern life-style, up-to-date and extremely enthusiastic to own the best life!

Benefits you deserve

*Amid the downtown East Surabaya * In the heart of middle to upper residential centers, schools and campuses (Petra, Vita, Gloria Schools, UNAIR, ITS, UNTAG,etc.) * In close proximity to Galaxy Mall * Close to culinary centers (Food Festival and Gastronomy Festival in along the way Manyar Kertoarjo , etc.) *   Easy access to Suramadu Bridge and Ring Road (MERR II) * On the brink of public facilities (minimarts, supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals, places of worship, etc.)


PT. Gunawangsa

In March 2012 PT. Gunawangsa formed as a holding company that manages the field of mixed used property, residential, offices and warehousing to better focus on the business property that has become one of the main business Warna Warni Group.


Gunawangsa MERR

Why Us?

GUNAWANGSA MERR APARTMENT is a one stop living concept Mixed-use consisting of the Office, Shop, Condotel and Residential units mengintegritaskan perfection of the needs and current lifestyle of young professionals. Life is simple, dynamic, stylish and innovative characteristic GUNAWANGSA MERR APARTMENT stating status, identity and your confidence. Conveniently located in downtown East Surabaya, GUNAWANGSA MERR APARTMENT unique enough away from the crowds but it is very close to many amenities around you. Standing with two towers, each 30 floor, you will be greeted warmly by a community of modern life-style, up-to-date and very enthusiastic to have the best life!

Premium Access

  • Located in MERR bypass (Middle East Ring Road)
  • commercial & office center
  • Direct access to Suramadu & Juanda Airport
  • South-East Surabaya Interchange
  • Areas that were growing rapidly
  • Within the elite residential & comfortable
  • Amid the campus and school Campus: STIKOM, ITS, UNAIR, UBAYA, PETRA, etc.School: IPH, GLORIA, VITA School, Al-Azhar, etc.
  • Close to Rungkut Industry
  • Close to Galaxy Mall & Culinary center
  • Close to Surabaya International Hospital (HCOS)Close to Supermarket Carrefour, Giant, etc.

PT. IBM Properti Management Consultant

IBM is engaged in residential, office, hotel, commercial and mixed-use property management with experience in managing both low rise and highrise properties, both single use and mixed use.

With a team that has more than 10 years experience in the field. IBM provides comprehensive building management services both in terms of HR management, financial and financial management and management, and maintenance and use of mechanical machinery, parking management and property security

In addition, IBM also provides consultancy services related to comprehensive development planning related to licensing and selection of building-related hardware and equipment such as generators and elevators which are very important for the continuity of building / property operations so that the total investment value.

To ensure your property investment can generate high ROI, we also provide marketing management and complaint handling for investors to ensure the satisfaction of your business stakeholders.



Gunawangsa Tidar

Gunawangsa Tidar Apartment is a new project of Gunawangsa Group. Gunawangsa Tidar Apartment are presenting a concept middle-high class apartments with a variety of high-class facilities and in a very strategic location in the center of Surabaya. 

Gunawangsa Tidar Apartment has a theme of 'DISCOVER THE BEST CITY RESORT LIVING', is a concept Mix Use of High-Rise Building in the heart of Surabaya has a resort feel with Residential, Hotel, Commercial, and Business units are equipped with facilities and amenities are extensive and complete.

Located in the center of Surabaya, Jalan Tidar no. 350 Surabaya, where location can be reached from a variety of access because it is flanked by two (2) door Toll, that is toll gate banyu urip and toll gate Dupak, other than that, this is also very close to the location of Pasar Turi Railway Station. Located not far from the business center or the Central Business District (CBD) Surabaya, close to the Shopping Centre or shopping centers like Tunjungan Plaza, BG Junction, Pasar Turi & Wholesale Center Surabaya. 

In addition, the location of Tidar Street became one of the central commercial growing and developing rapidly and is supported by the growth of a good society.


Gunawangsa Gresik

Gresik has long been a city of commerce and industry. In this city grow much larger industry. Compared to Surabaya, Gresik growth in the field of industrialization is much greater. Economic growth was from time to time show the trend is getting better.

GUNAWANGSA GROUP which has successfully launched three previous projects in Surabaya, namely Gunawangsa MANYAR Apartment, Gunawangsa MERR Apartment, and Gunawangsa TIDAR Apartment, re-present the latest masterpiece of a project, namely GUNAWANGSA Gresik APARTMENT superblock.

Specially designed by leading architects planning consultants, namely Megatika INTERNASIONAL. With an area of approximately 4 hectares, Gunawangsa Gresik Superblock has the concept of Mixed Use High Rise Building which offers a wide range of areas (such as a hotel, supermarket, shop, rooms, swimming pools, etc.) by combining the power of design, function, lifestyle, comfort and security.


Milestone / Property & Investment