PT. Central Investindo

Investindo Central is a service provider engaged in telecommunications services and infrastructure services .

Founded in September 2005 , the Central Investindo provide service Site Provider, Investor Development, Investor Management, Licensing and maintenance of telecommunications networks .

As a growing company, Central Investindo has been proven to provide better telecommunication services, with dedicated service with the purpose of continuity, priority, quality, then we provide a service that can respond to the needs of telecommunications providers .

Supported by strong internal managerial system, with complete equipment, Central Investindo provide the best services in accordance with our motto " TRUSTED HARMONY " .

Central Investindo believed to be a tenant tower that supports the concept of the tower together, and professionalism Central Investindo has been trusted by getting an umbrella contract with a nationally renowned operators such as Telkomsel, XL, Esia,  Indosat , Smart, Axis etc.


Umbrella Contract 2008

In 2008, PT. Central Investindo cooperating telecommunications tower lease with several well-known operators in Indonesia: 

  1. XL - PT. Excelcomindo Pratama 
  2. 3 - PT. Hutchison CP Telecommunications 
  3. PT. Indonesian telecommunication

Umbrella Contract 2009

Master Lease Agreement Telecommunication Tower between PT. Central Investindo and Smart - PT. Smart Telecom


Umbrella Contract 2010

Infrastructure Tower Lease Agreements For Placement 3G site between PT. Central Investindo and Telkomsel - PT. Telekomunikasi Selular


PT. Pendopo Cendana Abadi

Pendopo Cendana Abadi is a national company which has commitment to provide telecommunication services and solutions for corporate clients. In corporation with national mobile network operators, Pendopo Cendana Abadi is able to provide cost efficient telephony. In corporation with multinational GSM / CDMA equipment producers, Pendopo Cendana Abadi is able to provide reliable telecommunication services.

Our Business

  • Corporate Total Solutions - System GSM PBX Integration and Application
  • Providing GSM FWT / Gateway equipment
  • System VOIP - PBX Integration
  • Application for Corporate (System inventory, report monitoring, SMS Gateway, software application)
  • Marketing Research
  • Master Partner Tri for area Tangerang for prepaid distribution
  • Event Organizer: Corporate Gathering, MICE

Corporate Solutions

  • Corporate is using Incumbent Fixed Line number for Incoming and Outgoing call.
  • More than 70 % of calls go to Mobile numbers, so the company need to reduce the telecommunication cost to mobile numbers by having direct connection from PBX to GSM Network
  • 20% of Calls from Corporate is going to their branches in other cities or customers or business partners, that also makes the telecommunication cost high 
  • No possibility to get the advantage of low price from mobile operators
  • Company is looking for  competitive  or best tariff for local, long distance and international calls
  • Solutions  for corporation to reduce the telecommunication cost using GSM Gateway
  • Special tariff for GSM services for the corporate
  • Cost reduction guarantee for 20% of current usage compare to PSTN billing 
  • No changes of user behavior
  • No changes in PABX system infrastucture and configuration
  • Good voice quality
  • Total Solution VoIP Communication

Application for Corporate

  • System Inventory for retail business: real time stock monitoring, sales report, sales stock
  • Order center application
  • SMS application
  • Call Center Application – Inbound & Outbond call
  • Hotel System billing
  • Security system integration
  • Customize software application

Marketing Research

  • Field Survey : 
  1. qualitative & quantitative survey
  2. B to B survey
  3. Customer Satisfaction survey
  4. Customer survey / insight 
  • CATI Center
  • Focus Group Discussion
  • Data Analysis / Data processing
Milestone / Telco Infrastructure