Junaidi Gunawan

Junaidi Gunawan led Warna Warni Group as a Director since 2001 and later served as Managing Director in 2010. He graduated from the UBAYA University with a Bachelor Computer Science, and went on a master's degree at Monash University in the field of Information Technology. He led Warna Warni Media in Surabaya to handle operations in eastern Indonesia.

Effendy Gunawan

Effendy Gunawan joined Warna Warni Group served as Director in 2006. He graduated from Deakin University of Australia with a Bachelor's degree in Multimedia Computing and Art. And lead Warna Warni Media located in Jakarta to handles operations in western Indonesia.

Triandy Gunawan

Triandy Gunawan graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and joined Warna Warni Media to assist the implementation of IT systems. And then in 2005 led the Central Investindo telecommunications company and in 2010 led the Pendopo Cendana Abadi. In addition to leading the Central Investindo, he also built and led the field holding companies and subsidiaries namely Gunawangsa Group, Gunawangsa Hotel and Mygym.